SEND at Queniborough Primary School


What are Special Educational Needs?

Special Educational Needs, or SEN, is a term that is used to describe pupils who have needs over and above those that can be met by good quality classroom teaching. These needs may be within speech and language; cognition and learning; social and communication difficulties; or emotional and behavioural difficulties. They may be for a short period or throughout a child’s educational life. They may be identified before a child has even entered school or they may come to be recognised at a specific point in their education.

At Queniborough School we work together with children and their parents to enable that individual needs are met. This may be in the classroom, small groups or individually. We also use the experience of other professionals available to the school to help those children with very specific needs.

Every child and their development is of huge importance to the staff at Queniborough.

If you have any questions about SEN and your child, don't hesitate to come into school and have a chat with a member of staff or myself

If you can't get into school but have a question please email on 


Katie Farrar



Our School SEN Information Report for 2016

If you have any thoughts or comments about our report please come into school and let us know.


School SEN Policy which supports the new SEND Code of Practice 2014


Our school provision is part of Leicestershire's SEND provision.

Click here to see the Leicestershire Local Offer.





Meetings for the autumn term are

Wednesday 20th and 27th September

You can make an appointment online

If you can't attend these dates please let us know and we can make an alternative time to meet.


This document was produced by the Government about the changes made to SEN in 2014.