Year 2

 Who's who in Year 2?

Miss Farrar - Year 2 Teacher Monday and Tuesday 

Miss Jones - Year 2 Teacher Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Mrs. Stabler - Learning Support Assistant - mornings


Our first topic will be Castles!


How many castles have you visited?

Which stories do you know that are set in a castle?

Would you rather live in a medieval castle or a fairytale castle? Why?

What jobs did people used to do in a medieval castle?

Topic Web


Fun with numbers on a 100 square

Try to find the patterns, multiples,or add and subtract using this 100 square... 

Image result for splat square is a great website to use with your children. Take a look.

Useful Apps

Here are some apps that Year 2 children may enjoy...


Squeebles - spelling test, maths skills

Bubble pop multiplication

Tell The Time 

Math Blaster

Math Bingo

Pirate treasure hunt - problem solving

Rush hour - problem solving 

Word Bingo

Book Creator

Scratch - coding

Daisy the Dinosaur - coding

Hopscotch - coding

Garage band  - music composition

PE in Year 2

PE will be on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings.

Please ensure that indoor and outdoor PE kits are in school all the time. Trainers are more suitable for outdoor PE. Children will be outside (weather permitting) after the Easter Break so please ensure they have outdoor kit with them.

Sometimes PE days will need to change due to the weather or due to other school commitments.   


What is happening in class this week?

 Literacy work


Children will be writing autobiographies with Miss Farrar at the start of term. If you would like to send any photos of family, pets, home etc. this would be great to help children with their work. 

Spelling Tests 

We will be testing children using the Common Exception Words and spelling they have learned in letters and sounds. We will not be sending words home to learn every week. We will let you know what we are learning each week. Children can continue to learn common exception words at home.

Converting document.


Your child could use this look, cover, write check sheet to practise their spellings. If you would like a paper copy please ask in school.


Mathematics Mastery Vocabulary

Below is a list of terms used in Mathematics Mastery.  Children will learn to use the terms in the glossary section.